Bedroom decorating ideas for guest room by Interior Designer

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Decorating. Best Interior Design on YouTube. San Diego’s Top Interior Designer, Rebecca Robeson and her team make over a Guest BEDROOM just days away from the arrival of the new baby. Now Grandparents have a lovely room to stay in while attending to the new baby and mother. Watch to see how much work goes into something as simple as a Bedroom and Bathroom remodel. A cozy bedroom in a rustic, traditional style using Ralph Lauren bedding.

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Home Page

Bedroom Decorating
Ralph Lauren bedding
grass wall covering
plasma television
Writing desk
art and accessories
Bedroom furniture from Stanley Furniture
Benjamin Moore paint
Custom hand-forged wrought iron
Window Treatments custom designed by Rebecca Robeson


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34 thoughts on “Bedroom decorating ideas for guest room by Interior Designer

  1. Rebecca. I am totally in love with you. you are such a gifted decorator who can turn anything absurd simply wonderful. God bless. Loads of love from India. I wish we could use your expertise here…how I wish.. Good Luck. Ayesha

  2. Wonderful job like always.mrs. robeson if you are ever in north carolina please let me know, because I just bought my first house through the habitat for humanity program. I would really love for you to decorate my new home 🙂

  3. To designer,
    I am inspired by your room design. I am paint my room and unfortunately my husband bought liliac purple. This made my room very dull. What other color should I add to my room to make my room bright and luxury looking?

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