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Wedding Decorations, How to decorate for a wedding, Interior Design Decorating ideas Interior Decorating and Decorations for a beautiful Wedding… Greyson’s Wedding!!! . San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson and her team decorate for the wedding of one of their own… Greyson Darrow and his fiancée Elyse who are about tie the knot! Rebecca and Kate are in charge of all the decorating! Working against the clock these two women pull off a beautiful wedding and reception hall perfectly suiting the young couples dreams for a magical wedding for them and their wedding guests.
This week on Robeson Design … They are coming up on the final weeks before the installation and reveal of their La Jolla project.

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45 thoughts on “Interior Design | Wedding Decorations | Greysons Wedding

  1. Oh wow. I really can relate. Im a Wedding Stylist/coordinator for almost 20 years now. Wedding are really needs time and a lot of man power to pull it off fabulously. But I may say, your personal touch made this wedding gorgeous. What more can it be awesome for you to be on hand doing such decors. Kudos to you and your team.

  2. You greatly inspire us and surrounding.
    Such a wonderful, talented woman !
    I'm happy to find your videos.
    Thank you for sharing many valuable, precious things.

  3. Oh, I cried hearing you, sometimes we worry so much about how things look we really loose touch, the most important part is you were there and all the lovely friends and family that were present.

  4. Awww, you made me cry. This reminds me of all the love, goodness and generosity my church friends did too, to help me decorate for my wedding. Everyone gave up a whole morning or afternoon to decorate the church and the hall. Believe me, your presence at the wedding means so much to the newlyweds and not the make up. Your videos are great. Love your tips and how we could refresh our tired looking rooms without spending too much.

  5. I weep and weep,like I was there. You know Rebecca, I wish someday I will meet you, i hope someday will be this September, Im going to Calif, can we meet you please personally ? Like u so much .

  6. Awww Rebecca you made me cry. Your Heart was in the right place to support Greyson in every way possible. Thank you sharing some special moments of Greyson's lovely wedding.

  7. For some reason I'm only watching this video now! I'm getting emotional at YOU getting emotional (pathetic, I know)… It was lovely to see Sugar and Roxy featuring again. My dog is a bichon too so I know how amazing they are, and it's great to have these videos to look back on. This looked like such a beautiful day. I laughed at Greyson asking if anyone could tie a tie.. the school I was in at age 4, we had to wear a tie EVERYDAY! So it's a "skill" I've never forgotten 😉 Best wishes to Greyson and Elysse.

  8. Omg why am I crying? well its pretty obvious. You are such a sweet boss and mother, and u seem like you're such a joy yo be around! I'm glad you went without make up I'm sure that it makes you love him even more when you think about the fact that he was more important than make up!

  9. how perfect.. I've just discovered you and your videos I can't stop watching! its been 2 days and I'm overwhelmed how a lovely person you are.  I'm about to close on a house I was searching for design ideas and I found you!  how lovely.. my boyfriend is counting on me to design the house and don't mess it up he says, and  I'm a mess.. so thank you for giving me some peace of mind and confidence that I can do it.  thank you!

  10. The wedding Arch was beautiful I only hope one day when i get married it looks like that arch xo i never cry and cried when i saw this video what a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple xo

  11. Rebecca, I must say you are truly an inspiration to all of us who have dreams of doing something that they truly love!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (ALL) of your designs!! They are Magnificent! And your Family, Friends and Crew are absolutely the very BEST!!!! I simply enjoy the videos. I am so glad one night on my laptop, I pushed Interior Design….because I got, "You and Yours!!" 🙂 I am forever a Fan and so happy you are willing to share with us all, your amazing Life and Journey. You are the Best Designer I have ever seen. <3

  12. WOW! I am just going through this older videos and CAN'T SEEM TO STOP! I'm like, OK one more and I'm going to sleep because my baby girl is getting up early tomorrow morning but YOU ARE DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB I need to see it! It is so inspiring! And you're so much fun, too. Thank you. You guys are my hobby now as I'm enjoying my maternity leave 😉 btw the arch was beautiful..I wish I had had something like that on my own wedding 🙂

  13. I know the feeling when I do something, and it is not exactly what I had in mind or had envision, so I know exactly how you felt especially if you are a perfectionist like myself. Just know you are the best in what you do, and I am more than sure Greyson was extremely excited having you in his wedding with or without makeup. You are an amazing designer keep doing what you do best, Much love all the way from New York.

  14. BEAUTIFUL!! Rebecca you look great even without your make up! And I believe that for Greyson n Elyse, your presence was much much much more important. You are a wonderful person!

  15. Ms. Rebecca, you are so the type of person i could hang out with!! And I love watching you guys give birth to some quite fantastic ideas.  Thank you for sharing so much! Merry Christmas xoxo

  16. Ohhhh Honey, YOU actually made me CRY!!! that was beautiful!! and yes i agree with you, your presence would have been more important then any make up!! BUT you still looked stunning with or without the make up!! YOU truly have a heart of GOLD!!! AND Congratulations to a beautiful couple!!! hugs and kisses xxx Eve

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