How To decorate with SILK FLOWERS – Interior Design

Silk Flowers, Artificial Flowers, Interior Design Silk Flowers like you’ve never seen before. San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you accessory shopping for artificial plants, flowers and trees in her new Mercedes-Benz G550. Experience a typical day in the life of a high-end Custom Home Interior Designer. Full of energy and ready to go, Rebecca exercises her “multitasking” skills as she takes you along for the ride during a typical work day. In this video you will learn a few things about artificial floral arrangements and the difference between “real” looking silks verses the typical assortment found in your average craft supply store.

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49 thoughts on “How To decorate with SILK FLOWERS – Interior Design

  1. I know I'm late, but congrats on your new truck. I just got familiar your videos(hence the 6 year delay in congratulations). But you're a very talented person. Thank you

  2. I need serious help from Rebecca! See, I'm a plant hoarder. It's hard to arrange things, as it's all about what my plants want! Oh, maybe I can start selling logs for $250 apiece, buy a big house and hire Rebbeca to come over and bring her hero, P. Allen Smith. Perfect! He's the GUY when it comes to plants!

  3. I am watching old videos now….but they are never old. Love themmmmmmm! And love you…when i finish my room i will send you the pictures!

  4. Um your way more cool than Mrs kardashian you have talent and don't make money off selling your kids and a fake reality show(lol I sound like a hater but hey….) now don't ever refer yourself to them!!!

  5. How do I subscribe to your channel with a smart phone? I'm always on the go, and don't really have time to sit with my laptop and thumb through youtube. I find your videos refreshing, and I would love to keep up to date with just a tap from my Droid. Thanks!

  6. I'm impressed with the silk flowers. I ususally like real flowers because I haven't seen fake flowers that duplicate the delicate beauty of flowers but those look real.

  7. @robesondesign
    heyy m planing to do interior designing degree i wanted to noe if it has a good scope in this market. m from india and would realy love ur feed back, and ur designing are totally amazing !!

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