How To Do Sex Magic

It’s important to clear up any misconceptions about sex magic before one considers using it. It’s not a game nor is it meant to spice up a boring sex life. It’s not even for sexual pleasure or making babies. That said, it is not at all impossible to consider that it will greatly transform the way you make love. Your intention might be to attract money, obtain spiritual elevation or promote healing.

Your feelings and what you’re thinking about are the essential materials to needed to create your desired outcome using the pure power that is abundant in the universe. In order to successfully use magical sex your mind must be focused and your intentions must be clear. You’re already in a heightened state of awareness once you are near sexual climax. When you work sex magic it ups the ante tremendously. Sex magic forces you to experience a mind-body-spirit moment. You create intention with your mind, the energy is provided by your body and Spirit will do the rest.

Anyone can work with this powerful energy! You might already be a practitioner of magic. If so, simply incorporate it into your current rituals. The basics are pretty much the same as for any other type of magic.

If you aren’t currently a practitioner of magic or believe in any particular magical tradition, that’s fine. Sexual energy does not play favorites, it’s neutral and will work for everyone. It doesn’t have a moral sense which dictates what is either god or bad.

You don’t need a partner of the opposite sex to do sex magic. This type of ritualized working does make use of feminine and masculine energy. Everyone, no matter their genera or sexual orientation, has both female and male energy within them. Gay and lesbian couples can also do sex magic. In fact, a partner is not even required to perform sex magic. Sex with yourself (i.e. masturbation) will also work. It’s probably a good place to start before you begin practicing with a partner. You can even invoke the deity of your choice to participate with you, if you wish.

Being good at this is just like any other skill. It takes practice and can eventually become an art. The first lesson is to slow it down. A lot of us get in the habit of rushing the act, instead of enjoying a relaxed pace during sex. By prolonging the sex act and letting your sexual energy to build your magical power will be enhanced. Bask in your eroticism. Allow your excitement to slowly work up into a near orgasm level. Then stop. Breathe deeply and mentally turn your focus from the stimulation in your sex organs to other parts of your body. This could be your back, shoulders, arms, etc. When the intense sexual sensation has subsided, slowly work your level of excitement back up. until you are once again at the point of climax. Slow down and re-focus again. Keep on in this fashion, slowly building and easing up. The goal is to practice enough to where you will be able to remain near peak for an extended amount of time.

Once you’re finally ready to release your built up energy, hold your intention strongly and vividly in your mind. Visualize how you’ll feel once you receive what you desire. Allow your orgasm to overtake you. As this happens, it transports your intention with it, like an ocean wave crashing to the shore. The energy you’ve produced takes your intention direct into the universe, where it is being birthed for reality.

After reaching your point of no return, calm yourself and think about your desired outcome. Enjoy the peace and relaxation that will flow within you. It is now in the hands of the great mother universe.

Now that you understand the essentials, I encourage you to give it a try. Sexual energy is powerful, easy to access and is natural. It’s the basics to happiness, health and wealth. It’s all within your reach.

Source by Tahirah Olufemi

What Is Rune Magic?

Magic Rune Symbols

I have been trying to share with you the importance of bringing the Runes and the gods/goddesses of the North into the 21st Century.

No longer should we run around in the woods with our axes and swords, drinking mead (unless we want to for FUN), asking the gods/goddesses to help us. If we had the power to invoke Odin, Thor or TYR into our blot or our rituals. What would we do with them?

We can’t sic them on the outside world.

What we need to do is attract the Wisdom of Odin, the Strength of Thor and the Courage of Tyr…


Then we will be 21st Century Odin’s, Thor’s and Tyr’s.

It is the age of doing it ourselves.

Runes and Odin and the gods/goddesses of the North belong in the 21st Century, in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Internet and Quantum Physics.

No longer can we pray to them to do it for us. We must ask them how to do it and give us the energies to do it with.

It is erroneous to keep the Runes shackled to the Viking Age.

All the literature we have about the magic of runes is shadowed in parables, paradoxes and enigmas.

The Laws of Quantum Physics broke through the mystery of the magic of runes symbols.

Runes were never meant for divination.

Runes were never meant to be used as an alphabet.

Runes are Universal Creative Energies. Magical rune symbols are just that. Magical symbols that connect us to the runic energy of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God).

True Rune Symbols

The 18 Rune Futhork of Guido von List are true rune symbols.

Here are some Rune Symbol definitions that will share with you the reasons why Rune Symbols are powerful and magical.

* A Rune Symbol is a body containing a soul. (outline body of rune containing the soul of the living rune energies.)

* A Rune Symbol is matter holding a meaning. (Rune outline plus meaning of runes.)

* A Rune Symbol is a foci of force. (each rune symbol embodies several runic energies.)

* A Rune Symbol is a condenser of consciousness. (takes a piece of the consciousness of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and condenses it into a runic form.)

* A Rune Symbol is a thought tank. (by meditating on the rune you can pull useful runic thoughts out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God).

* Magical rune symbols are energy exchanges between very different levels of worlds and the intelligent beings operating through them. (you and the world of the runes.)

It is the runic energy, runic meanings, runic associations and life-force packed into any rune symbol that makes it alive and functional for you. Odin only rediscovered the runes. They go farther back than the Viking Age.

To be a rune master you must constantly nourish your deeper inner being with higher levels of frequencies from the runic energy levels.

Seek the Runes —- or die!

Let’s look at some definitions of Rune Magic.

* Rune Magic is bringing down higher laws into the present time.

* Rune Magic is causing action at a distance without having to use a physical object.

* Rune Magic makes use of the Law of Resonant Frequencies and Life-force.

* Rune Magic allows life-force to flow between similar and congruent bodies.

* Rune Magic is the ability to allow run energies to flow from the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) into your body and life.

* Rune Magic will break the shackles of poverty; release the bondage of disease; end the misery of failure.

To be successful in Rune Magic you need three operating forces.

Runic Energy — A Rune Symbol

Target — Your Photo

Life-force — the power of your mind.

When you sit in your chair and meditate and look at a magical rune symbol, you are creating a:

Living Runic Thought Form

Your mind has provided the power to connect the rune symbol in your hands and the runic energies in the Quantum Ocean and bring them into your body and life.

You have the three ingredients you need to perform rune magic.

Runic energies which are specific frequencies in the Quantum Ocean

This newly created Runic Thought Form will now be part of your energy field.

This Runic Thought Form will cybernetic ally seek out and achieve its goals.

Rune Uruz (Health) example:

If it is Rune Uruzenergy you attracted into your aura, this Runic Thought Form will seek out the cause of the ill health within your body. It will then attract to you the people, places and events you will need to cure yourself.

Whenever you use Rune Magic to help achieve your desires, the universe decides upon the details of how to obtain it.

While this is all going on outside of you, the Rune Uruz energy inside of your aura will dissolve the energy blockages that caused your illness.

You must be open and aware to new ideas, people, thoughts, feelings and places brought to you by the Runic Thought Form.

Rune Magic allows you to develop your spiritual and psychic powers.

With your ability to attract rune energies you can now attract health, wealth and love into your life now.

Remember runes are an energy. They are Universal Creative Energies.

The runes reside in the infinite Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) where time does not exist. There is no past, present nor future. Only the now!

One thousand years ago Odin the All-Father hung for 9 days and nights on the Yggdrasil Tree. He finally reached into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and rediscovered the runes for us.

Christianity has constantly tried to wipe out all information on the runes.

Guido von List, a German Rune master, in the twentieth century had a cataract operation. As he lay in his bed blinded he too reached into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and once again rediscovered the runes for us. The Arman en Runes.

This website is about Runes and Runic Energies with practical information you can use to attract health, wealth and love into your life now.

Rune Magic uses runes as keys to the Universal Energies of Creation. Runes were used for spiritual purposes long before anyone used then to write.

Rune Magic helps you to get in touch with worlds and energies far beyond your everyday life.

Runes are energies that preceded language.

This page gives you some of the reasons why Rune Magic works.

I have many pages on Rune Meditations, Rune Yoga, Rune Rituals, etc, that will show you have to attract Rune Energies into your life now.

Rune Magic is very powerful and you can use it to attract health, wealth and love now.

Source by Ellis Peterson

Mentalism Secrets Revealed – How Magic Tricks Work

There’s no doubt that the branch of performance magic known as ‘mentalism’ is undergoing something of a renaissance these days.

In part that must be to do with the success of new wave mentalists such as Derren Brown making their presence felt on prime time TV. In part, many modern audiences want something cutting edge – they don’t want bunnies from hats and pick-a-card routines as they are too obviously ‘tricks’.

I’m glad mentalism’s making a comeback as it’s one of the most high impact techniques in any magician’s repertoire. As a magician not afraid to share ‘secrets’ with novices, I also know it’s something anyone can learn with a little practice once they know what those secrets are.

But let’s get one thing straight from the start: mentalism is as much a magic TRICK as any other. It might seem almost mystical in its effects – and you certainly want it to if you’re performing it! – but it is just a series of clever psychological techniques and close observations of behaviour and, in all honesty, some simple gimmicks and tricks that have nothing to do with psychology at all, that enable a mentalist to create the illusion of psychic powers.

It’s only disreputable performers that make fraudulent claims of ‘real psychic powers.’ Fortunately the best modern practitioners such as James Randi, Penn & Teller, Derren Brown, have denied their false claims and exposed their methods time and again.

So what are these secrets that enable mentalists to apparently understand your secret thoughts, read your mind and even control what you are thinking?

If you’ve some experience in magic you won’t be surprised that the secrets are simple once you know what they are! There are fundamentally three aspects to mental magic over and beyond the gimmicks, sleight-of-hand, gadgetry and so on that are the stock in trade of all mentalists just as they are cardists or coinists (yes, even Derren Brown is just a trickster!) Any bluff about NLP and other such systems is mere smoke and mirrors. He knows what he is doing!

That said, there are some psychological skills that have an application to a specific kind of mentalism, so let’s take a look at those here:

The Three Basic Psychological Techniques of Mental Magic

1. Reading Body Language.

– There is a lot of literature out there these days about body language and how to interpret it but the basic idea underpinning it all is that people tend to express their thoughts and feelings not only consciously in what they say but also unconsciously in the way they move, look, stand and respond physically. And these ‘non-verbal messages’ often tell the truth even when the person is verbally lying. So the mentalist’s first skill is to study and understand body language.

2. The Power of Suggestion.

– It is no surprise that Mentalism first came to popularity amongst audiences and performers in the 1940s when there were great advances being made in the still young science of psychology. One of the practical applications of this was the development and refinement of hypnotism. Effective hypnotism can be summed up as ‘relaxation and rapport’. Once your subject is relaxed and trusts you, you are able to suggest ideas and thoughts to them which they are more likely to accept as their ‘defences are down.’ There is nothing mystical about hypnotism and I am doubtful of the various exaggerated therapeutic claims made about. However, it is, properly understood and practiced, a powerful bit of ‘psychological kit’ to have in your mentalist tool box. When people are suggestible, they are also more likely to reveal information to you without knowing it. This is the power of suggestion. So the second skill for the mentalist to study is hypnotism.

3. The Laws of Perception.

– In many ways this is one that all magicians must study to some extent as it is essential to many forms of misdirection, but it applies in particularly interesting ways to mental magic. Knowing how the human brain tends to read, categorise and recall information is very important. But don’t worry, you don’t need a college degree in neuroscience to pick up what you need to know! The main areas for you to look at are how visual perception works, how people think verbally and in images, the process of long and short-term memory and so on. However, you cannot perform mentalist effects using this knowledge alone. It is simply that this kind of knowledge can be useful in making the effects more convincing. So, the third skill for the mentalist is to learn how to understand how the subject is perceiving himself and the situation.

And those are the fundamental skills in a nutshell. Obviously a detailed analysis of all of these is beyond the scope of an article such as this. Fortunately, there’s some good literature out here on all of these subjects and some great books about mentalism itself. Any reputable magic bookshop will have one or two good titles worthy of study.

Here is some suggested reading: ‘Tricks of the Mind’ by Derren Brown; ’13 Steps to Mentalism’ by Corinda and ‘Practical Mental Magic’ by Theodore Annermann (this is an excellent book by a great magician and will particularly surprise people who still cling to the hope that mentalists never have anything up their sleeves!).

If you don’t have time to study in that kind of depth, don’t worry! You can still learn some simple yet very powerful mentalist routines that are well-established and highly effective and will work for you after only a little practice if you follow the system of the routine. Great mentalism tricks to learn and perform even as a novice are spoon-bends, card predictions and the powerful ‘book test’ tricks. Any of these can be found from good magic dealers or if you prefer a visual demonstration and explanation, as a video download – an increasingly popular method for learning magic of all kinds as you can actually see and hear what’s going on – watch again as many times as you want, like having a personal teacher who never gets tired! If this is an option that interests you, then you might like to look up ‘Mindbender Book Test’, ‘Thought Transmission’ and ‘Emotion’ here.

Whether you want to pursue mentalism as a serious side of your pro routine or just get a couple of stunning tricks under your belt to amaze your friends, I wish you every success with your ‘mental magic’!

Source by Austin Hackney

The Magic Of Your Subconscious Mind

Your inner wisdom… your intuition… the mind-body interface… your guiding spirit… all these are definitions of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious is the part of your mind responsible for mental operations that seem beyond the purview of normal consciousness—dreams, hunches, intuition, moments of insight, flashes of creativity, precognition—even self-sabotage when we act upon motives of which we are unaware.

If you learn to trust, understand, and communicate with your subconscious you can tap into dimensions of thought that may be new to you. Your subconscious mind can serve as a source of inner guidance, self-knowledge, creativity, better health, and the motivation to accomplish goals.

How do I know? I am a certified master clinical hypnotherapist as well as a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of professional experience. I use hypnosis as a tool to help people manage emotions, improve health, eliminate bad habits, sleep better, reduce chronic pain, relax, develop confidence, visualize goals, and overcome phobias, fears, stress, and anxiety. A large part of my job is teaching people how to access their strengths and develop effective mental strategies, by using both the logical, conscious mind as well as the elusive, magical, subconscious. In this article, let me tell you how you can access and strengthen your connection with your subconscious to enhance the quality of your life.

Definitions of the Subconscious Mind

The concept of the subconscious was developed by psychologists early in the 20th century. The subconscious, sometimes called the “unconscious” mind, is a catch-all construct describing mental workings that don’t seem to be under conscious control. Freud theorized the subconscious to be a dark place of inner drives and demons, a repository of childhood fears and frustrations, and the storehouse of repressed memories that spawn seemingly inexplicable fears, obsessions, compulsions, and psychosomatic illnesses.

Freud’s colleague, Jung, theorized that the subconscious mind is every individual’s link to the cosmic consciousness—the universal intelligence, the shared mind of the human race. His theory explains how disparate cultures develop similar symbols, beliefs, and rituals, and why similar inventions and innovations appear in various locations across the globe, yet all at the same time.

Some psychologists characterize the subconscious as naïve and child-like–with no awareness of good and bad, right and wrong. This definition explains why we persist in unhealthy habits, such as overeating and smoking. Logically, we know these habits are destructive, but we feel compelled to do them anyway because the subconscious seeks only instant pleasure and gratification. Being child-like, this version of the subconscious doesn’t understand the difference between real and imaginary–thus the theory that the subconscious mind can be influenced by story-telling, guided imagery, and visualization.

Other theorists describe the subconscious as a source of wisdom and healing–an inner genie that grants insight, intuition, spiritual guidance, and recovery from illness. To those who believe in metaphysics, the subconscious mind is a direct connection to the universal creative mind that brings ideas into physical reality.

With its many attributes, perhaps it’s no wonder hypnotherapists and psychologists seek to engage the subconscious to help their clients toward self-improvement. One stated purpose of hypnosis, in fact, is to “bypass the conscious mind,” in an effort to reach the part of the mind that holds the key to real, lasting change, healing, and motivation.

So what is the subconscious mind? The subconscious mind is a construct. We cannot see it, touch it, or measure it, because it is not a physical thing. It is an abstraction that describes functions of the human mind that are unlike the conscious, cognitive functions we can perform at will, like spelling, arithmetic, typing, reciting, recalling facts, using logic, and following instructions.

The subconscious seems comprised of somewhat mysterious mental operations that seem to operate beyond conscious control. Here are the functions of the subconscious mind.

oStored Memory: A repository for long-forgotten memories that may be a source of inexplicable fears, preferences, and idiosyncrasies.

o Creativity and Intuition: The ability to pull together seemingly unrelated bits of information and arrive at new conclusions and possibilities, which we’ve never before formulated.

oIntuition: The ability to sense cues and patterns of activity in the environment of which we are not consciously aware, and yet, which alert us to events that are about to happen—a near accident, for example.

oMind/Body Monitoring and Healing: As the link between mind and body, the subconscious seems to exert an influence over personal sickness and health. The mind is the true healer, fueled by the power of belief.

oThe Dream Weaver: Hypnotherapists believe that the subconscious remains active during sleep, processing the events and emotions of the day via dreams, while the conscious mind rests.

oThe Connection to Cosmic Consciousness: In sleep, meditation, quiet contemplation, or prayer, and sometimes in what some have described as a blinding flash of enlightenment and insight, the subconscious opens up a link, an interface, to universal knowledge and understanding. The result might be a religious conversion, an epiphany, innovation and invention, a solution to a previously unsolvable problem, or a miraculous and spontaneous healing.

oThe Inner Spirit and Higher Wisdom: There are those who say that the subconscious is very much a part of our spiritual nature—the essence of God, the kingdom of heaven, within ourselves.

Accessing the Subconscious

By accessing your subconscious, you might become more creative, intuitive, healthier, and insightful, with more control over thoughts, emotions, habits, and motivation. It doesn’t happen overnight. This level of self-understanding, mental discipline and personal empowerment can take years to develop. Yet, there are ways to facilitate the process. Begin with the intention to increase your awareness of your subconscious and establish a communication with it, and cultivate a desire to learn what it can teach you.

How the Subconscious Mind Communicates

The subconscious mind communicates its guidance in often unexpected and creative ways. That communication might be an intuitive hunch, a flash of insight, or a creative idea. It might be a dream or an image, seemingly irrelevant at first, yet, after a while one that begins to make sense. Some say the subconscious is that still, small voice within that speaks to us in quiet moments of curiosity, wonder, awe, or reflection. Sometimes the subconscious mind warns us of danger or threat with a sensation—a tightening in the stomach, a chill down the spine, a feeling of physical discomfort. I have often had the experience that when I am searching for something I’ve misplaced, I get an intuitive push to look in a certain place, and I usually find the lost item.

Strengthen Your Connection

To increase your connection to the subconscious and foster its participation in your daily life, turn off the radio, the computer, the television and put down the magazine and the newspaper and take time for quiet, solitary reflection. Here are a few more recommendations.

oGet comfortable listening to your own thoughts and traveling your interior landscape. Stop thinking of everything you have to do and all the things you worry about and communicate with your inner spirit. Learn to occasionally exist fully in the moment. Figure out who you are, what your life is all about, and what brings you fulfillment and inner peace. Think deeply about these things and perhaps your inner wisdom will begin to listen and guide you to conclusions.

oGive attention to your dreams. In Conscious Dreaming, Robert Moss, shaman and professor of philosophy, writes that dreams are spiritual tools through which we can learn about the future, receive guidance, and resolve unfinished business. Moss recommends keeping a dream diary, to understand the symbols, patterns and themes of dreams. He advises us to ask of our dreams: “What do I need to know? What do I need to do?”

oEngage the services of a board-certified hypnotherapist who can help you understand more about your subconscious. With hypnotherapy, you can eliminate undesirable habits, resolve inner conflicts, enhance your motivation and self-confidence, heal traumas, and surmount irrational fears and phobias.

oTake time to relax, quiet your mind, and develop an inner focus. If you have trouble relaxing, purchase a relaxation training CD–you can find them on Internet web sites such as The Hypnosis Network. Relaxation will help you with reflection, meditation, sleep, and self-hypnosis, all of which will enhance your ability to access your subconscious.

oEliminate fear-based, negative self-talk. Your subconscious listens to every thought you think and carries those messages to your body, and out to the universe. Monitor your thoughts and start thinking positively about the things that really matter in your life.

oDevelop a capacity for curiosity and creativity; states in which the subconscious is most likely to be attentive and responsive. These states allow you to open your awareness and engage in possibility thinking.

There are several “tools” that will help you communicate with the subconscious. They include journaling, mind-mapping, treasure-mapping, affirmations, focused thinking, and prayer.

oJournaling: Keep a diary to capture feelings, dreams, goals, impressions, and insights. In this way, you become more aware of your patterns of thinking and feeling.

oMind-mapping: Choose a project you want to carry out and then create a pen-and-paper diagram of your thoughts. The diagram starts from a central point on the page and then branches out in all directions, as new ideas occur. Describe each idea with a few key words. The branches will develop “twigs” as you think of the details that accompany each major idea. Mind-mapping allows for creative, non-linear thinking that lends itself to planning and problem solving.

oTreasure-mapping: Assemble a collage of pictures of the things you want in life, so that the images are more easily communicated to the subconscious. The pictures can come from photos, sketches, and clippings from newspapers and magazines. Look at your treasure map often, for reinforcement.

oAffirmations: Get into the habit of positive thinking about the things you are accomplishing in your life. Affirmations are the “slogans” you say to yourself that keep you optimistic and focused on your goals, and motivated to achieve them.

oFocused thinking and visualization: Take some time each day to dwell on your future. Visualize that you are accomplishing your goals and dreams.

oPrayer: Become a co-creator of your own reality, by meditating and conversing with the Deity, according to your spiritual beliefs. Ask for guidance, affirm that your needs and wants are satisfied, and express gratitude.

Perhaps Dr. Joseph Murphy sums up the ideas in this article best in his writings:

You can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health, more happiness and more joy by learning to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind… Within your subconscious depths lie infinite wisdom, infinite power, and infinite supply of all that is necessary, which is waiting for development and expression… Your subconscious mind takes the orders you give it based on what the conscious mind believes and accepts as true… Remember, your subconscious mind does not engage in proving whether your thoughts are good or bad, or true or false, but it responds according to the nature of your thoughts. (From: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Prentice-Hall, 1963)

Source by Judith Pearson

Masturbation Magic – The Stranger Technique

Whatever a man likes to do with his private time, masturbation always has the same end result in mind: an orgasm. For a man who has been masturbating his entire adult life – and likely a good part of his adolescent life – things in the self-love department can become boring and routine. That doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t feel good – because it does – it just means that the routine can lack a little originality, as a man may fall into the “same ole, same ole” technique — and for good reason — because it works. Even still, men who are looking for more excitement may want to change things up a bit. “The stranger” is one such way to make self-love a little more exciting; guys just need to be sure to use plenty of lube to avoid chafing and keep to the penis healthy.

What Is “The Stranger?”

The stranger may be one of the more well-known masturbatory techniques out there, but that doesn’t mean every man has heard of it – or perfected it. The idea behind the stranger technique is that sex is always more exciting or interesting when another person is involved. Doing it solo style gets the job done, but it may not have the same satisfaction as when a partner helps along the way. The fact of the matter is that sometimes a partner is not available – either because one is living the single life or has gotten the “not tonight dear” blow-off for the evening’s planned entertainment. So what is a man to do when he has no other option but to service himself? Enter the stranger.

Now that the premise is understood, it’s time to explain the technique. For a man to execute the stranger properly, he must be willing to endure a small amount of discomfort in order to get a big payout in the end. He must sit on his hand for an extended period of time until the hand goes numb – not dangerously numb as in the hand is turning purple and about to fall off numb – just to the stage where it is asleep and the fingers do not register a complete sense of touch. Once the hand is numbed up it is time for a man to go to town – preferably before the hand wakes up – getting off in this way essentially tricks the brain so that it feels as though somebody else is doing the work. Because the hand does not have its full range of sensation, the brain is really only registering the nerve endings of the manhood, giving a guy the feeling that he is just along for the ride. To really shake things up, a man can mix it up even more by using his non-dominant hand. In other words, if he is a righty in the bedroom he goes lefty and vice versa. Not only will this give him the stranger sensation, but he will have a different speed, angle, and technique than he is used to which may really make it feel like a partner is helping out.

Lubing Up

Most men use some sort of lubrication during solo play, but it can be tempting to skip it in a pinch – or use saliva or lotion. However, a high-quality lubricant is recommended for use all the time. Not only does this make things feel better; it also protects the skin of the penis. Repetitive, rough or vigorous masturbation can damage the delicate penis skin and the penile tissue, which can cause injuries that ranges from slight irritation all the way to penile curvature known as Peyronie’s disease. In addition to using lube every time, a man should also use a daily penis vitamin lotion (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to keep the penis healthy. A penis lotion heals damaged skin and can penetrate deeply to repair damaged blood vessels and tissue that can add up to a big problem over time. After all a healthy penis is a happy penis.

Source by John Dugan

Vitamin B5 – The "Magic" Acne Cure

When I first learned about using Vitamin B5 for acne treatment six years ago I had never heard of the concept before. And I was at first very skeptical about it as I’m sure you may be right now.

I had suffered with a pretty bad acne problem for about seven years at the time. I had tried all of the acne products that everyone knows about (the creams and the pads and all of the other topical acne products) without any success at all. In fact, it usually seemed like those things just made my face more irritated in response. I was getting very desperate for something that would actually work.

That’s when I found a website that talked about using Vitamin B5 to cure acne. Instead of putting a pad or a cream on your face, the website said that the real way to cure acne was to take Vitamin B5 internally. At first I found this hard to believe as I hadn’t heard a lot about taking something internally for acne before and I thought it was a “skin based” problem. But then I got to thinking that I had tried all of those topical acne treatments and none of them had ever worked so maybe it was time to try something else.

Then I learned about the science behind the idea. I learned that acne is actually caused by an overproduction of oil inside the body not by anything that happens on the skin and that the only real way to stop acne is to stop it at it’s source (that overproduction of oil.) I then learned that taking rather large doses on a daily basis will actually slow down that overproduction oil and clear up the acne that’s already on the skin while completely stopping new acne from forming.

I decided I didn’t have much to lose. The Vitamin B5 acne treatment product I tried was 100% guaranteed anyway so I might as well try it. I was amazed at the results. It really did work like “magic” for me. My acne was cleared up within days and here it is 6 years later and I’m still acne free. Obviously I cannot recommend Vitamin B5 as an acne cure anymore highly. It worked for me and I think it would also work for many others out there who have struggled with no results from topical acne treatments.

Source by Johnny Moon

3 Real Magic Spells Anyone Can Do

Here are 3 real magic spells anyone can do. First you need to decide what kind of a spell you want to do and what you want to create, manifest, or attract. These 3 real magic spells are for 3 different things so you have a choice of what to start with. You can use these 3 real magic spells any way you choose. Use them as a stepping stone to get started in the magical ways, or just for a temporary use.

First Of Three Real Magic Spells – Love Spell:

Start by creating an incense of the following ingredients:

1 ounce dried rose petals

¼ ounce sweet bugle (calamus root)

½ ounce cinnamon

¼ ounce anise seed

¼ ounce frankincense

1 ounce powdered sandalwood

¼ teaspoon saltpeter

Place a red candle on your alter with a red heart to the right of the candle. You can cut one out of paper use something you have bought that is red and shaped like a heart. To the front of the candle place a lodestone or a magnet. To the left of the candle place your incense burner with a piece of charcoal and your incense ready for use. When ready to begin, light the candle and the charcoal and place some of the incense on the charcoal and chant the following.

“Bring to me my sweet love,

My heart and hope and dove.

Bring to me someone special,

Someone (list three traits you want in a person here)

I long to love and hold you dear,

To whisper things of love in your ear.

I wish to hold and have a love,

To cherish until life above.”

Second Of Three Real Magic Spells – A Spell For The Archangel Michael’s Protection:

This spell protects you from harm. Michael, the Archangel is invoked in this spell

Close your eyes and imagine the Archangel, Michael is standing in front of you, holding his flaming, cobalt sword. Say, “Michael to the right of me, (imagine he moves to your right) Michael to the left of me, (imagine that there are now two Michael’s, one right of you and one left of you) Michael above me, (now, imagine another Michael above your head) Michael below me, (imagine another Michael just underneath you) Michael within me,( Now, imagine another Michael inside you) Michael, with your flaming sword of cobalt blue, please protect me today, as this spell I do.”

Third Real Magic Spells – To Gain Money

Get a cauldron. A large bowl will work fine, especially if you can find a metal bowl. A cauldron is used only for magical purposes so it is more powerful, however, it is not necessary. Fill the cauldron or bowl half full with water and position it outside where you intend to do the spell so that the light from the moon shines into the water. Sweep your hands above the water as if gathering the moons silver.

While doing this say:

“Lovely lady of the moon, bring me your wealth right soon.

Fill my hands with silver and gold.

All you give, my purse can hold.”

The more you practice, the more powerful you will become. Do spells as often as possible. Also continue to learn through teachers, books, and programs in order to develop your natural power as well. These real magic spells will be more powerful as you become more powerful. This is true for any ritual or spell you decide to do.

Source by A. Bachman

Using Morphic Fields in Love Spells

Morphic fields are a powerful force, and with the latest methods, you can use them as a kind of love spell. Want to make someone fall in love with you? Then read on!

“Use the force Luke”. It’s a line everyone knows from the classic Star Wars films. But did you know that the “Force” from Star Wars is actually based on scientific reality? And that you can use that very same force as a love spell?

The reality behind the Force is a kind of energy called morphic energy. Morphic energy is still little understood by scientists, but we know it exists by the effects it produces. It’s a bit like microwaves – we can’t see them but we know they exist by the effects they have, ie cooking our dinner. Electricity is the same – we can’t see it but we use it every day so we know it’s there.

Morphic energy forms part of what scientists call Dark Energy, which actually accounts for around 74% of all energy in the known universe. It connects together every atom in existence into an energy field that we call a morphic field.

So what’s all this got to do with love spells? Well, if morphic fields connect atoms together, and everything in the universe is made of atoms, including people, then that means all people are connected by morphic fields. And if people are connected, we can use that connection to send messages, such as spells.

Unfortunately sending these messages isn’t quite as simple as just picking up the telephone and dialing the other person. But we can indeed use the morphic fields to connect to anyone, including someone we desire, and communicate with them.

In fact, sometimes we do this without realising it. Have you ever thought of someone, then the telephone rang and it was that person? Most people have had this experience, and it’s actually caused by the person making the call “sending” a message (their intention to place the call) subconsciously through the morphic field.

The trick is to be able to send these messages consciously, and whenever we want, to whoever we want.

By entering a particular mental state, and using special images in your mind, it is entirely possible to connect to someone you desire, and share your desire with them on a subconscious level. They won’t know you’re doing this, they’ll just start feeling a reciprocal desire for you.

As you can see then, morphic fields can be used to make someone fall in love with you! Is this a spell? Well the word Magic has always been used to describe things that we don’t fully understand. Some tribal people, for example, believe the thunderstorms are magical because they don’t understand the physics that makes them happen.

In the same way, most people don’t understand morphic fields (even scientists are still learning), so we think of their effects as magical. In that sense, using them to make someone love you is like casting a spell.

Source by Ashley Slater

Love Spell Castings and How to Cast a Love Spell – Fact Vs Fiction

Love Spell And Love Spell Casting.

When you think of Love Spells you can probably imagine quite a few things. From myths to superstitions to folklore to evil. The truth behind Real magic and the powerful Magic Castings is a far cry from what is believed. Over many years, the public was made to believe that Real Casting was an evil practice. The Truth is that the art of Love Spell Casting is exactly that! An Art!

Let us begin with what the common Love Spell is used for in the most popular cases. When a person is seeking the assistance of magic or Spell casting for an issue that has to do with Love he will see out this kind of Spell Casting. A Love Spell Casting. What reasons do people seek out this form of magic? Many actually. The list of reasons why you may need a Love Spell are…

To Return A Lover

To Find Lover

To make Yourself attractive via Casting of attraction energies

To receive help with sexual problems and issues

To break up a former lover and return her or him to you

To find a lost love

To finally find a wife or husband

There are countless uses for the common use of Magic today. Whatever problem or desire a person may have can be addressed with the proper use of Universal Energy waves or the Morphic Field.

Question: Is the use of magic Evil?

Answer: No. Real Magic and its nature requires the use of natural energies that flow through us called Morphic Energies.

Question: Is Modern Magic Dangerous?

Answer: No. When used properly, Casting these energies out is very safe.

Question: How can I tell if a Love Spell will work?

Answer: There is no 100% way to guarantee that a casting will work. The best way to make sure you are using a real Love Spell is to research the actual Modern Magic itself or to hire professional Casters to take care of the ritual for you.

If you are seeking a Real magic Spell Casting you can be sure you will find many versions of the common Modern Magic Professionas and Caster. When seeking the fastest results, always know that many Castings take many days or weeks to cast out. Again, when cast out correctly, they are safe and completely natural. The myths and stereotypes of Magic Spells and very outrageous and false.

The Best Castings to return your lover, find true love, attract a soul mate etc. are always done with the most care and generally take more than one day. It is a time consuming task and to do it right takes patience and deep commitment. As with anything, the more effort and time it takes, the greater the reward. The same holds true in the world of magic.

Most people find it far more easier to use a professional to take care of any Love Magic Castings that they require. Some people prefer to Cast the Energies of Love themselves while other simply use professional Spell Casters. It all is a matter of opinion and preference.

When it comes to matters of the heart that are serious,


Source by Alister Redding